When diving in the northern Red Sea my first choice is always the M.Y Juliet, a boutique liveaboard sailing from Sharm. 

The atmosphere on board a liveaboard is very important to me because although the focus will always be on diving, if the experience above the water is lacking then it can make for a less than enjoyable experience. I have, in the past, spent time on liveaboards that were more akin to supermarket chains than dive boats. Sterile, with no spirit and little interest in ensuring that guests had memorable dives. Just get them in and get them out. 

Diving on the M.Y the Juliet is different. It’s a boutique liveaboard looking after a maximum of fourteen guests with one of the the Red Sea’s most experienced guides on board who has well in excess of 17, 000 dives and who arguably knows the area better than anyone else. On my numerous stays on the Juliet I’ve dived with, and got very close to; bottle nosed dolphins, scalloped hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, bull sharks, manta rays and even sailfish to name just a few. 

The experience on the Juliet is unique and highly personalised and they cater well for my camera gear and ensure I get the shots and footage I need.

The atmosphere on the Juliet both topside and underwater is, in my view, one that few other Red Sea liveaboards can come close to. If you want a unique, tailored diving experience to remember then check out what the Juliet can offer you, you won't be disappointed.

You can contact the owners directly at either email below or follow their facebook page. 

Email Angie

Email Ahmed

 Below is a video I shot onboard the Juliet last year.


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